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Rasha Aleid, backed with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and formulation. In 2009, she established Juman factory to provide high quality innovative and potent cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Juman succeeded in establishing itself as a leader in the field of Private Label Manufacturing in Jordan with high certification and restrict complying with regulations, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Now, Juman exports more than 71% of its products worldwide.

With an intense passion for natural beauty ingredients, Dr. Rasha has focused on providing skincare products that are not just effective, but also offer unquestionable purity by integrating her experience with the bare beauty of the Dead Sea and its highly prized nutritious minerals, She launched Juman Mineral Skincare, focusing on the unique and unquestionable therapeutic benefits of this natural wonder.

She combined science and nature to create remarkable products that reflect her inspiration for the Dead Sea legacy.

Juman’s Dead Sea product range has become more remarkable because of the nature-derived ingredients that it uses, particularly the mineral-rich Dead Sea Water, Mud, and Salts which have become a staple in her skincare line. Now Juman’s Dead Sea product range is registered and sold in Europe, the USA, and many countries worldwide.

Juman is a Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Manufacturing Factory based in Jordan that was established in 2009. With the integration of the latest manufacturing techniques and applying and maintaining high-quality standards for its products, the factory succeeded in establishing itself as a leader in the field of private label manufacturing internationally.

Our main focus is on the Dead Sea mineral-based products which we make with 100% pure Dead Sea mineral nutrients delicately blended with pure essential oils to offer the vitamins body and skin need to nurture their vitality. This line is known for its benefits that made them special from our competitors since we are pharma cosmetics Dead Sea products. Also, all our products are CPNP-notified, approved, and we already sell them worldwide.

In 2013, Juman factory started to manufacture its own-branded products while continuing its success story in private-label manufacturing within a few years. We focus on providing skincare products that are not just effective but offer unquestionable purity. It has evolved into one of the highest quality products that do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, or Phthalates and avoids all potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives besides that we do not test them on animals.

Highly Qualified & Certified Factory

Ever since its establishment, Juman factory has been striving to provide high-quality products and comprehensive services to its customers. Therefore, Juman is famous for seeking and meeting updated quality standards in all aspects related to production. In pursuit of quality excellence, Juman currently has the following certificates:

Luxurious & Premium Essential Daily Use Product

We intend to keep growing in terms of people, customers, capital and products and become the most trustful and preferred pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturer in the MENA region.


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