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Frequently Asked Questions

How the foot cream helps to heal call uses?

Our foot creams are made of Dead Sea minerals that are known for their healing properties that work against many skin conditions like calluses.

Our foot cream is made of

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: It works as a foot moisturizer and helps reduces scars
  • Salicylic Acid: It is known to remove foot warts and calluses
  • Urea: It is dermatologist-recommended for treating rough and cracked feet
  • Dead Sea Salts and minerals: They are known for removing dead skin cells, improving skin hydration, and reducing dry/inflamed skin.

When applied and massaged on the affected areas, the foot cream penetrates the hardened and cracked skin for the Dead Sea salts and other skin-friendly ingredients to start their work.

Use it daily for lasting results or on the need-basis. Evenly massage the foot crack cream until fully absorbed.

Can I use Dead Sea salt directly on cracked heels?

No. We would never recommend if the cracks are deep, hard, and hurting you while walking. There are chances of foot infection if you notice skin inflammation. Speak to your dermatologist without any delay.

The best way is to use Dead Sea salt as a scrub while soaking your feet in warm water. Let’s learn how to do it right:

  • Pound a small proportion of Dead Sea salt crystals into fine powder. You can also buy a Dead Sea Salt foot or bath scrub and save your time and efforts.
  • Take a proportionate amount of almond oil or any other essential oil to make half a cup of paste.
  • Fill a tub with warm water, add few drops of liquid soap or shampoo and mix it well.
  • Sit on the edge of the tub and dip your feet into the water tub and cover your ankles.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly and gently rub the cracked heels to loosen the skin. Pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Place your feet on the carpeted floor.
  • Apply the Dead Sea salt scrub on the cracked heels for a few minutes.
  • Repeat step 7 on the other feet.
  • Rinse the feet in clean lukewarm water and pat them dry.
  • Do not forget to apply Dead Sea salt foot crack cream, moisturizer, or any foot oil. It helps to retain the moisture content in the foot and makes your feet smooth and softer.
Is shea butter good for treating cracked heels?

Yes. Studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter that works against dry and cracked heels. Apply it overnight and let the cracked skin heal and get healthier in the relaxed and rested state of the feet.

How long will it take for calluses to heal after using the Dead Sea salt foot creams?

We stand by the highly effective foot creams for calluses, cracked feet, and complete foot care. Yet, the healing time depends on the condition of calluses. It may take a few days, weeks, or maybe months.

For the best result, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Soak feet in lukewarm water missed with shower gel or liquid soap for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently apply Dead Sea salt scrub to remove the hardened skin using a nail file or pumice stone.
  • Wash your feet and pat them dry using a towel.
  • Apply a foot crack cream that has salicylic acid to soothe the calluses and excessive dryness on other parts of the feet.

Do not use complete force while filing the dead hard dry calluses. Be careful and gentle to prevent foot injuries.

Do the foot crack creams have any side effects?

No. They are made of natural ingredients especially Dead Sea salts which are known for their healing properties. They are very low-risk products. However, if you are using an ointment or undergoing any foot treatment, do get a prior-approval from your physician before using the foot crack creams.

Discontinue if you experience anything untoward on your foot like red rashes or itchiness and speak to your dermatologist immediately.

Whether foot, hands, face, or complete body care, you can trust Juman Dead Sea for a wide range of highest quality products online.

If your question is not listed above, or you need more information on any of our products, feel free to get in touch. We are more than pleased to help.